The core of Novozymes’ annual report is the full automatic PDF-generator that develops a bit further each year, during our collaboration, to handle still more complex page layouts – both in terms of the management report and the financial statements.


Once again in 2019, BystedFFW collaborated with the Danish jewellery company Pandora on their annual report. On this year’s report, BystedFFW and Pandora have been working on some exciting new changes for the design and layout.


In relation to Her Majesty the Queen’s birthday on April 16th 2016, the new launched. The new website has been developed in collaboration with BystedFFW.


In collaboration with our digital sister company FFW and the client Dansk Boldspils Union (DBU) we have created an innovative and user centered football app.


Cityline is Movia’s new, high-end bus concept. BystedFFW created Cityline’s visual identity, including the particular carriageway, bus interior and information graphics.


Netcompany is the digital heroes of the future, and we are happy to have been collaborative partners on the development of their annual reports since 2017.

Saving lives,
spending less

BystedFFW continuously collaborate with WHO on several projects – latest we made the visual concept for the informative report called Saving lives, spending less.

Time To Deliver

BystedFFW collaborated with WHO on their new communication materials for a global business plan for noncommunicable diseases, where we created the visual concept for the report.

Royal Run

In the occasion of H.R.H. Crown Prince of Denmark 50th birthday, BystedFFW joined the collaboration. BystedFFW have developed the new visual identity including logo and icon design. In the solution we have placed a great importance in an including and modern look and feel.


Since 2014, BystedFFW have designed SimCorp’s annual report. Making a report that highlights the company’s identity through pictures and design has been the primary concern in this report.

TDC Group

Again in 2019, BystedFFW has developed TDC Group’s annual report. The focus of this year's report design has been on developing an overall design aligned with the look of TDC Group while also incorporating the new visual identities of TDC Net and Nuuday.


GreenMobility is an efficient green free-float carsharing platform operating in a list of European cities. In 2019, BystedFFW designed the company's first visual annual report.


In March 2020, Nets Innovation Hub published their Payments Outlook 2020 report which gives an in-depth understanding of key future trends that will shape the way we live and pay. BystedFFW made the design and layout as well as a series of illustrations for each of the highlighted trends in the report.


Again in 2019, BystedFFW have helped with concept, design and layout of the annual report and CSR report for VKR Holding A/S. Focus has been on portraying the company’s annual results in an understandable and accessible way.

TCM Group

Once again in 2019, BystedFFW developed TCM Group’s annual report. This collaboration is an extension of our previous project together, where we helped create their initial public offering brochure. The design is stylish with a look and feel in line with a lifestyle magazine able to unite their universes.

Clinical Microbiomics

BystedFFW created a more commercial and modern visual identity, that underlines Clinical Microbiomics unique profile. First step in developing a new brand platform included creation of new design elements, logo and trademark, coloring, font and image style, icons and illustrations.

Ministeriet for Børn, Undervisning og Ligestilling

BystedFFW have been communication and design partner in this campaign for the Danish Ministry for Children, Education and Gender Equality. We have helped develop identity, name and design for the long-term initiative.

Danske ARK

In this client case the aspiration was to create an identity that is more present and lively and a website that embraces its existing members but which also is very forthcoming for newly established architectural firms and other potential members.


P4H and BystedFFW joined forces on a long-lasting collaboration process where we amongst others helped them create their new visual identity and the P4H website.


Since Orphazyme became a listed company in 2016, BystedFFW have designed their annual report. In 2019 the focus was on developing a more accessible communication as well as developing a new infographic style for the report.

Styrelsen for Arbejdsmarked og Rekruttering

In 2017 and 2018 BystedFFW developed the campaign ‘Viljen til job’ for the Danish Agency of Labour Market and Recruitment. The mission was to develop and launch a campaign that should be part of a movement towards creating a more inclusive and tolerant labour market for people with a disability.


BystedFFW worked together with Erhvervsstyrelsen in communication and design of this information campaign about cookies on the internet.


BystedFFW have made the design and layout for The Energy Commission’s ‘Recommendations for the Future Energy Politics’.

Poul Due Jensen Foundation

For the third year in a row, BystedFFW designed Poul Due Jensen Foundation's annual review 2019. This year's design is an extension of the three previous years' annual reviews, but updated with a new logo and colors aligned to the new visual identity of the Poul Due Jensens Foundation.


Once again, BystedFFW have made the design and layout of annual report of the Danish Monarchy. The underlying basis has been their website, which BystedFFW developed in the Spring 2016. The design has been carried on and new elements, such as an easier navigation system, have been developed as a supplement.

Ministeriet for Sundhed og Forebyggelse

Together with the Ministry for Health and Prevention we have made a campaign that created attention towards the new blue European Medical Card in 2014.


BystedFFW worked with TORM to rebrand their identity, story and pay-off. The TORM flag is used as an iconic element to ensure that the brand becomes more vivid.

Jyske Aas

BystedFFW has developed a number of identity-enhancing elements that brand Jyske Aas as an attractive tourist destination in Denmark.