BystedFFW designs brands and helps them live through strong visual identities and design programs. For more than 25 years, we have been a trusted partner to some of the largest companies and public organisations in Denmark within the areas of corporate branding and corporate reporting.

In 2015, Bysted merged into the FFW family, allowing us to be equally strong on both digital and analogue media.

Branding and identity

Clients like The Danish Parliament, an innovative bus way, and one of the largest tourist attractions have trusted BystedFFW to deploy our expertise in brand development, brand identity and brand management, from underlying strategy to processes involving corporate identity and corporate design in addition to all the implementation details for both analogue and digital media.


Corporate reports

For more than 25 years, BystedFFW has helped clients communicate corporate information through annual reports, CSR publications and quarterly websites. We are focused on visualising key messages in a way that is aligned with your corporate identity and overall annual statement. We work across digital and analogue media with a strict focus on quality and aligned processes.


Digital design

Our focus is to develop a strong digital identity that converts your company’s brand to a good user experience. Together with FFW, we are creators of some of the largest digital solutions in Denmark, and we are a part of the process from defining the digital strategy to fully implementing the website.


Magazine design

We have a long tradition of designing corporate magazines from internal folders used for employee branding to large client magazines. Whether it is analogue or digital, we are a part of the process from the initial idea through content related workshops, design phases and production.