Rønshoved Højskole



BystedFFW created an UX and UI design for the website of Rønshoved Højskole to capture the current state of the school.

We stayed two days at the school to get a first impression. Our UX designers conducted interviews with students, UX 'tests' on a prototype of the wireframe and a design workshop to capture the brand of Rønshoved Højskole. The new website had to talk to both young students, who were the target group for the "long courses", and older students, who were the target group for the school's "short courses". We did the design based on the UX designers' wireframe and came up with a new colour scheme for the website, inspired by the colours of the school's ‘living room/common area'. The idea was to design a simple and modern website, with a twist of classic feel, to include the history of Rønshoved Højskole.



Rønshoved Højskole