Between year 2014 and 2020, BystedFFW has designed SimCorp’s annual report. Making a report that highlights the company’s identity through pictures and design has been the primary concern in this report. This year we also designed the sustainability report.


Netcompany brings digital into the future and we are happy to have been part of creating their annual report since 2017 and ESG reports since 2019. We work with Netcompany on creating the strategy for the reports as well as we work with design concept and overall layout.

VKR Holding

For several years BystedFFW has helped with the concept, design and layout of the annual report and COP report for VKR Holding A/S. Focus has been on portraying the company’s annual results in an understandable and accessible way.

MT Højgaard Holding

We are happy to have started this collaborative journey with MT Højgaard Holding on the development of their annual report, CSR report and quarterly reports in 2020. For the redesign of their reports, our goal was to align the design with the website and their corporate identity, to have a report that is simple, light and easy to access.


From 2014 to 2019, BystedFFW collaborated with the Danish jewellery company Pandora on their annual report. In the 2019 report, BystedFFW and Pandora worked on some exciting new changes for the design and layout.