In November 2021, The Royal House of Denmark launched its new website as well as an updated and unified visual identity.


For our collaboration with DBU Skolepokalen, we developed an application that creates an independent universe that is bold and youthful for the users. It was important to extend the overall tournament experience and include everyone.

Royal Run

In the occasion of H.R.H. Crown Prince of Denmark 50th birthday, BystedFFW joined the collaboration. BystedFFW have developed the new visual identity including logo and icon design. In the solution we have placed a great importance in an including and modern look and feel.

Rønshoved Højskole

BystedFFW created an UX and UI design for the website of Rønshoved Højskole. The idea was to design a simple and modern website, with a twist of classic feel.

Danske ARK

In this client case the aspiration was to create an identity that is more present and lively and a website that embraces its existing members but which also is very forthcoming for newly established architectural firms and other potential members.

Jyske Aas

BystedFFW has developed a number of identity-enhancing elements that brand Jyske Aas as an attractive tourist destination in Denmark.