Danske Bank

BystedFFW helped Danske Bank with concept, content and layout in the making of the company’s annual magazine 2014.


BystedFFW has assisted Realdania with the overall concept and layout to make the company’s annual magazine 2015.


Once again, BystedFFW has collaborated with DONG Energy in the creation of the company’s annual report 2015.


BystedFFW has developed the design and layout for Pandora’s annual report 2015.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen

Once again, BystedFFW has developed design and layout for Flying Tiger Copenhagen's annual report 2015.


The past years, BystedFFW has collaborated with TORM in the development of their annual report – in both print and digital.


BystedFFW has been collaborative partners in the development of Nets’ annual report 2016. Focus has been on working with the company’s design and simplify it for an annual report context.


The past few years, BystedFFW has made the layout in SimCorp’s annual report.

VKR Holding A/S

Again in 2016, BystedFFW has helped with concept, content and layout of the annual report for VKR Holding A/S.


Again in 2016, BystedFFW has developed TDC’s annual report, both as a digital report and as a full static report.


Once again in 2016, BystedFFW has made design and layout in Kongehuset’s digital annual report.


The core of Novozymes’ annual report 2016 is, once again, the full automatic PDF-generator that develops a bit further each year to handle still more complex page layouts.