Cityline is Movia’s new, high-end bus concept that is intended to combine rapid and reliable transportation with attractive city scenery. BystedFFW created Cityline’s visual identity, including the particular carriageway, bus interior and information graphics.


BystedFFW has developed the name and design to Aarhus’ newest landmark, DOKK1. The creation happened through an innovative process based on user involvement and frequent dialogue with the town’s citizens.


The Danish Parliament joined forces with BystedFFW to create a consistent line of design that gathers all communication activities visually. Due to many different target groups, a versatile design was needed.

Jyske Aas

BystedFFW has developed a number of identity-enhancing elements that brand Jyske Aas as an attractive tourist destination in Denmark. The visual style asserts that Jyske Aas represents both the past and present.

Danske Bank

BystedFFW helped Danske Bank with concept, content and layout in the making of the company’s annual magazine 2014. The annual magazine is a supplement to the annual report and aims at a broad range of target groups.


BystedFFW assisted Realdania with the overall concept and layout to make the company’s annual magazine 2015. The magazine informs readers about past year’s projects along with future visions and objectives in a creative way.


In 2014, BystedFFW launched the new Our goal was to tell the story about Maersk in an interesting and visual fashion. We wanted the design and concept to result in more clicks, scrolls and time spent.


For KFI Erhvervsdrivende Fond, BystedFFW assisted with the concept, content and layout of a new, corporate visual identity followed by the development of a dynamic website to match.


The core of Novozymes’ annual report is the full automatic PDF-generator that develops a bit further each year in order to handle still more complex page layouts – both in terms of the management report and the financial statements.


For TDC, BystedFFW has once again developed a full static annual report and a website to match highlighting strategic considerations, key features and figures.


BystedFFW has once again collaborated with DONG Energy in the creation of the company’s annual report. Focus has been on highlighting central points, the implementation of a screen-friendly layout and explanatory infographics.


BystedFFW has developed the design and layout for Pandora’s annual report 2015. BystedFFW collaborated with Pandora on areas such as typography, color schemes, structure and image selection along with the overall look and feel.


In connection with Her Majesty the Queen’s birthday April 16 2016, the new launched. BystedFFW has focused on making the website user-friendly, modern and responsive in order to allow access from all mobile devices.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen

Once again, BystedFFW has developed design and layout for Flying Tiger Copenhagen's annual report 2015. The focus has been placed on improvement of graphical lines and elements as well as evolving a lively design which is in perfect alignment with the Flying Tiger identity.

Ministeriet for børn, undervisning og ligestilling

BystedFFW has been communication and design partner in this campaign for the Danish Ministry for Children, Education and Gender Equality. It is based on a long-term plan against bullying and we have helped develop identity, name and design for the long-term initiative.


BystedFFW has helped TORM rebrand their identity, story and pay-off. The TORM flag is used as an iconic element to enhance and emphasise messages to ensure that the brand becomes more vivid.

Ministeriet for sundhed og forebyggelse

Together with the Ministry for Health and Prevention we made a campaign that created attention towards new blue EU medical card in 2014. The graphical universe was built in pure blue colours and a mode of expression that pointed directly at the medical card.

Danske Arkitektvirksomheder

In this case the aspiration was to create an identity that is more present and lively and a website that embraces its existing members but which also is very forthcoming for newly established architectural firms and other potential members.


BystedFFW have been working together with Erhvervsstyrelsen in communication and design of this information campaign about cookies.


The past years, BystedFFW have collaborated with TORM in the development of their annual report – in both print and digital.


BystedFFW have been collaborative partners in the development of Nets’ annual report 2016. Focus has been on working with the company’s design and simplify it for an annual report context.


The past few years, BystedFFW have made the layout in SimCorp’s annual report.