Bysted   is   a   Friend   From   Work

BystedFFW designs brands and helps them live through strong visual identities and design programs. For more than 25 years, we have been a trusted partner to some of the largest companies and public organisations in Denmark within the areas of corporate branding and corporate reporting.


The core of Novozymes’ annual report is the full automatic PDF-generator that develops a bit further each year, during our collaboration, to handle still more complex page layouts – both in terms of the management report and the financial statements.


For Nuuday’s report, the goal was to create an interactive PDF for the annual report that reflects the company’s brand identity and tone of voice, hence a playful and lively report filled with graphics and colours. It was important to translate their friendly, innovative and youthful universe into a corporate report.


In relation to Her Majesty the Queen’s birthday on April 16th 2016, the new launched. The new website has been developed in collaboration with BystedFFW.


Netcompany brings digital into the future and we are happy to have been part of creating their annual report since 2017 and ESG reports since 2019. We work with Netcompany on creating the strategy for the reports as well as we work with design concept and overall layout.


Between year 2014 and 2020, BystedFFW has designed SimCorp’s annual report. Making a report that highlights the company’s identity through pictures and design has been the primary concern in this report. This year we also designed the sustainability report.

World Blood Donor Day

The purpose of the WHO Blood Donor Day campaign was to create attention towards the importance of donating blood - it was created for the International World Blood Donor Day in 2020.